LIVE – Ukraine: London announces new sanctions against those responsible for the Russian mobilization


The United Kingdom announced new sanctions on Wednesday targeting Russian figures who have extended the mobilization and prison officials who have recruited criminals to go and fight in Ukraine.

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Denis Mantourov, responsible in particular according to London for the equipment of the troops mobilized, is one of the 22 Russian officials to be targeted by these sanctions, which include a freeze on assets in the country and a ban on traveling United Kingdom.

A dozen local governors were also targeted, coming from regions where “a significant number” of conscripts were enlisted after the announcement at the end of September of a “partial” mobilization of hundreds of thousands of Russian reservists to go and fight in Ukraine. , according to the British Foreign Office.


Ukraine on Wednesday ordered “heightened security” for all its embassies after a “staff member” at its representation in Madrid, Spain, was slightly injured when a letter bomb exploded.

“The (Ukrainian Foreign Minister) Dmytro Kuleba instructed to strengthen the security of all Ukrainian embassies. He also called on the Spanish authorities to urgently investigate this attack,” the ministry spokesman said on Twitter. Ukrainian Foreign Affairs, Oleg Nikolenko.


German energy giant Uniper filed an arbitration case on Wednesday against Gazprom seeking compensation for cuts in the supply of Russian gas to Germany via Nord Stream, which have cost it “11.6 billion euros” since June .

The costs generated by the cuts are estimated at “11.6 billion euros” by the company, but could “continue to increase until the end of 2024”.

Uniper has been hit hard by the reduction since June – then the total end since September – of Russian gas deliveries to Germany, via the Nord Stream gas pipeline, against a backdrop of war in Ukraine.


An employee of the Ukrainian embassy in Madrid was slightly injured on Wednesday by an “explosion” which occurred within the embassy while he was “handling a letter”, said a police source.

“The National Police has opened an investigation in which the scientific police are participating,” added this source, without giving further details.


US Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Wednesday denounced Russia’s “barbaric” strikes against civilian infrastructure in Ukraine.

“Over the past few weeks, Russia has bombed more than a third of Ukraine’s energy system, plunging millions of people into cold and dark,” he said after a briefing. two-day meeting of the heads of NATO diplomacy in Bucharest. “These are President Putin’s new targets… This brutalization of the Ukrainian people is barbaric,” he added.


The Ukrainian chief engineer of the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant, occupied by the Russian army, has agreed to take over the management of this infrastructure that Moscow has appropriated, according to a press release published on Wednesday.

“I have made my decision. In my opinion, this is the only possible and correct decision: to accept the proposal (…) to lead the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant,” Yuriy Tchernichuk said in a statement published on the account. Telegram from the central.


Why is Moscow obsessing over this city? Explanations



The EU will work to set up a special tribunal to try “Russia’s crimes” in Ukraine, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen announced on Wednesday, responding to a request from kyiv.

“We will work with the International Criminal Court (ICC) and help set up a special tribunal to try Russia’s crimes,” she said on Twitter. “Together with our partners, we will ensure that Russia pays for the devastation it has caused, using the frozen funds of the oligarchs and the assets of its central bank,” she said.


At the end of the Bucharest summit, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg explained that he was continuing discussions to possibly provide Ukraine with the “Patriot” defense system, which provoked a vindictive reaction from the former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev.

Patriot missile: Ukraine wants to hit furtherSource : TF1 News

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Some French film stars have donated around fifty objects whose auction at a starting price of 500 euros will finance part of the humanitarian aid in Ukraine.

Ukraine: objects of stars sold at auctionSource : TF1 News

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On this 280th day of war, find information related to the war in Ukraine initiated by Russia in the past 24 hours.


Request for arms "faster"new aid on the way… Update on the situation in Ukraine


Romania, as well as neighboring Moldova, has been hard hit by the war in Ukraine and more than 2 million people have passed through there fleeing this country. Bucharest currently hosts nearly 86,000 refugees.


NATO Foreign Ministers met in Bucharest on Tuesday 29 November. Alliance leader Jens Stoltenberg reiterated the alliance’s “open door” policy towards Ukraine, and added that more needs to be done “to help Kyiv, including air defence”. “Russia is failing on the battlefield. In response, they go after civilian targets, cities because they cannot gain territory,” he added.

An adviser to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said in a statement that “Ukraine can become a member of the alliance after the end of hostilities”. And “support for Ukraine will be expanded in terms of energy and military aid”.


Emmanuel Macron arrived in Washington overnight from Tuesday to Wednesday for a state visit that will mix the pomp of the White House with strategic discussions with Joe Biden on the war in Ukraine and trade protectionism in the United States. He intends to discuss with his American counterpart the massive plan to support the energy transition, or Inflation Reduction Act (IRA).

But beyond trade issues, the American meeting should allow the presidents of the two allied countries to display their unity in support for Ukraine and, perhaps, to outline a common message in favor of the idea of ​​negotiations, in the long term, to end the war launched by Russia – a theme dear to the French head of state that some, in Washington, are also beginning to defend.


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