LIVE – Gaza: evacuations have resumed to Egypt, the majority of hospitals “out of service”

Israeli civilians injured by anti-tank missiles, IDF announces

Israeli civilians were injured this Sunday by “anti-tank missiles” in the north of the country, the Israeli army announced on social networks, without specifying the number of victims.

March against anti-Semitism: several LFI executives gathered in Strasbourg

Several thousand people gathered on Sunday morning in Strasbourg for a march against anti-Semitism and for the Republic, including several LFI deputies from Paris.

On an “idea” launched by François Ruffin or Alexis Corbière, several rebellious elected officials like Clémentine Autain or Raquel Garrido converged on Strasbourg, to respond to the call of the LFI deputy for Strasbourg Emmanuel Fernandes, who was involved in this initiative in Strasbourg .

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Moscow announces that a group of 70 Russians left Gaza

A group of 70 Russian nationals was able to leave the Gaza Strip, announced the Russian authorities, who said they were “shocked” by the delays in the evacuations of their citizens this week.

“70 Russians crossed the Rafah crossing point,” controlled by Egypt, the Russian Emergency Situations Ministry said on Telegram.

Earlier, he announced that the crossing was “crossed” by Russians who were seeking to leave the small Palestinian territory besieged and shelled by Israel since the Hamas attack on October 7 on Israeli soil.

Pope Francis calls for protection of civilians in Gaza and release of hostages

During his weekly prayer from the Vatican, Pope Francis called for the protection of civilians in Gaza and an increase in humanitarian aid.

“May the wounded in Gaza be helped immediately. Civilians must be protected and more humanitarian aid must be brought to this exhausted population,” urged the sovereign pontiff, who also called for the release of the hostages.

Gaza’s al-Quds hospital ‘out of service’, says Palestinian Red Crescent

The al-Quds hospital in Gaza is “out of service” and is “no longer operational”, announced the Palestinian Red Crescent on social networks. A situation due to “exhaustion of available fuel and a power outage”.

The Red Crescent speaks of a “complete collapse of the health system” and “the resulting disastrous humanitarian conditions”.

“Safe passage” opened from al-Chifa hospital to the south, IDF announces

The Israeli army reaffirmed that it would help evacuate premature babies in danger from al-Chifa hospital, “to a safer hospital”.

Furthermore, “a secure passage will be opened from the al-Chifa hospital (…) to join the Salaheddine road towards the south”, the main route used by refugees to flee the north, between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Evacuations from Gaza to Egypt resume

Several dozen foreigners and dual nationals, as well as wounded Palestinians, were evacuated on Sunday from the Gaza Strip bombed by Israel to Egypt, Agence France-Presse (AFP) learned from both sides of the border.

“Fifty dual nationals arrived in Rafah” on the Egyptian side as well as “seven wounded Palestinians,” reported the Alqahera News channel, close to the Egyptian intelligence services.

For its part, the Authority in charge of borders within the Hamas government in the Gaza Strip had called on Saturday evening “all holders of foreign passports and people registered on the evacuation lists” to present themselves at the terminal, located at the southern tip of the Gaza Strip and which leads to Egyptian Sinai.

Israel sells its anti-missile system to Finland

The Israeli Defense Ministry announced on Sunday the signing of an agreement for the sale to Finland, a new NATO member and Russia’s neighbor, of the “David’s Sling” anti-missile defense system.

The ministry declared in a press release that it had “signed an agreement for the sale of the “David’s Sling” system to Finland”, describing this agreement worth 317 million as “historic”. euros.

Gaza Hamas government’s deputy health minister says Israeli strike destroyed al-Chifa hospital building

The deputy health minister of the Hamas government in Gaza told AFP this Sunday that an Israeli airstrike had “completely destroyed” the building of the heart disease department of al-Chifa hospital, the largest in the Gaza Strip shelled and besieged by Israel.

“The two-story building of the heart disease department was completely destroyed in an airstrike,” said Youssef Abou Rich, blaming the strike on the Israeli army. The AFP was not able to confirm this strike on site, but at least one witness present in the hospital confirmed raids and damage.

A “significant number of dead and injured” after the “bombing” of a UN headquarters on Saturday evening

The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) announced on Sunday “a significant number of deaths and injuries” in the “bombing” late Saturday of its headquarters in Gaza City, evacuated by its employees and now occupied by hundreds of displaced Palestinians.

“The ongoing tragedy of civilian deaths and injuries trapped in this conflict… must end,” the UNDP said in a statement. “Civilians, civilian infrastructure and the inviolability of UN premises must be respected and protected at all times.”

“A France where our Jewish fellow citizens are afraid is not France”, judges Emmanuel Macron in a letter to the French

In a letter to the French published in the Parisian this Saturday, November 11, on the eve of a “major civic march” against anti-Semitism in Paris, Emmanuel Macron denounced the increase in anti-Semitic acts in France since the attacks carried out by Hamas in Israel on October 7.

He criticizes “the unbearable resurgence of unbridled anti-Semitism”, while more than 1,100 anti-Semitic acts have been recorded since October 7 on French territory.

“A France where our Jewish fellow citizens are afraid is not France. A France where French people are afraid because of their religion or their origin is not France,” insists the head of state

Israeli planes strike Syria after shooting on annexed Golan

Israeli warplanes struck “terrorist infrastructure” in Syria after firing from that territory towards the part of the Golan annexed by Israel, the Israeli army announced on Sunday.

“Recently, in response to the attack on the Golan Heights yesterday (Saturday), fighter jets struck terrorist infrastructure in Syria,” the army said in a short statement.

On Saturday, she indicated that two projectiles fired from Syria had fallen in uninhabited areas of the Golan and that rocket warning sirens had sounded in the region.

Israel conquered part of the Golan from Syria during the 1967 Arab-Israeli War before annexing this territory in 1981. This annexation is not recognized by the UN.

20 of Gaza’s 36 hospitals ‘out of service’

Sunday, the 37th day of war, triggered by an unprecedented attack by the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas on Israeli soil on October 7, 20 of the 36 hospitals in the Gaza Strip are “out of service” according to the humanitarian affairs office of the UN (Osha).

The head of the World Health Organization (WHO), Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, expressed alarm early Sunday at having “lost contact” with his interlocutors at al-Chifa hospital in Gaza City, the largest territory, subject to “repeated attacks”.

Israeli army says it will help evacuate babies from al-Chifa hospital

The Israeli army said on Saturday that it would help evacuate babies from the largest hospital in Gaza City, around which intense fighting pits soldiers and Palestinian fighters.

“The staff of al-Chifa hospital requested that tomorrow we help evacuate the babies from the pediatric ward to a safer hospital. We will provide the necessary assistance,” said army spokesman Daniel Hagari during a press conference, without specifying the number of babies affected.

Earlier today, the Israeli NGO Physician for Human Rights-Israel had reported that “two premature babies (were) dead” after the forced shutdown of neonatal intensive care due to lack of electricity in this hospital.

Israeli army denies targeting al-Chifa hospital

The Israeli army denied on Saturday that it had targeted al-Chifa hospital. “Over the past few hours, false information has been spread that we are surrounding al-Chifa hospital and hitting it,” Israeli army spokesman Daniel Hagari told reporters.

“Hamas lies about what is happening in hospitals,” said Daniel Hagari.

“Yesterday he was quick to accuse us of being responsible for the attack on al-Shifa hospital. We checked our systems and found that it was a poorly fired rocket belonging to terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip,” the official added.

MSF reports “incessant bombings” on hospitals in Gaza City

Several international organizations are concerned about the fate of hospitals in Gaza. Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) reports “incessant bombings” on hospitals in Gaza City over the past 24 hours. The al-Chifa hospital, the largest in the territory, was “hit several times, including the maternity ward”.

Two premature babies “died because their incubator no longer worked, there was no more electricity”, said Dr Mohammed Obeid, MSF surgeon in the neonatal department, in a message broadcast by the NGO on the network social

His department houses around 40 premature newborns, including 17 in intensive care, he said.

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