LIVE – French women’s team: the very direct response of Hamraoui to his non-selection by Hervé Renard

Hamraoui responds to Renard on his non-selection: “I sincerely think that I was not judged only on the athlete”

Kheira Hamraoui replied, on France Inter, to his non-selection for the World Cup with the France team and to the justifications of Hervé Renard:

“I am very sad, angry. I take it as an injustice. I have experienced a lot of it in recent years and this is one more. I would really have liked to be judged simply on the athlete. Experiencing a World Cup is everyone’s dream, on the pitch or on the bench. For me, it’s not an argument (to say that she couldn’t bear to be a substitute editor’s note ). I was in line to make this World Cup, that’s what made me stand up during this last season. The fact of not seeing my name on the list, it hurt me. coach said he would only judge on the sportsman. I sincerely think that I was not judged only on the sportsman.”

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Fox on the attack of the Blue

“I have six attackers and six who can play in the middle. Shouldn’t that be enough? When you have Eugénie Le Sommer, that’s the best thing you can do in a penalty area at French level. When you have Diani , who scores goals with PSG, I think we have the means to achieve our goals.”

Fox on the ambitions of the Blue

“The ambition is still the same. It’s a group that needed to be regenerated. It’s a strategy. Is it good or bad? We’ll know if we manage to reach the semi-finals. We’re waiting this click in women’s football and we hope it will come as soon as possible.”

Fox on wounds

“I will try to listen to the medical staff, they are the first concerned. It is true that there are a lot of injuries to the knees, ligaments, in women’s football. We will have to s “Leaning into it very quickly, it becomes important. We will have to be vigilant about that.”

Fox on managing Majri and her child

“The Federation will ensure that everything is perfectly organized so that she can be accompanied by her child.”

Fox on the preparation program

“The technical staff worked a lot on the preparation, everything is down to the hour. It will be a very busy program, with two breaks at the end of the week, so that the players can regenerate as a family before leaving.”

Renard on the absences of Baltimore and Hamraoui

“For Kheira Hamraoui, I told him that the decision was sporting and 100% on my part. No one ever spoke to me about anything. I decided in my soul and conscience. When we make choices, we wonder if the players are capable of assuming a substitute role, in the state of mind… We have to make choices.”

“As for Sandy Baltimore, I’m not going to comment on his end to the season. Other players seemed more suitable to me to make this list.”

Renard on his first weeks at the head of the Blue

“I am very happy to be at the head of Les Bleues, even more, perhaps, than when I was appointed. The players were exceptional during the 10 days of training and I am convinced that they will remain so. J I perceived a motivation and a dynamic that can take us far enough.”

Fox on the sitters

“It was decided from the start to award the first match to Peyraud-Magnin and the second to Picaud. I will refrain from announcing the choice of N°1 to the press before the lucky winner. It is very likely that the fourth goalkeeper makes the trip to Australia.”

Renard on the absence of a broadcaster for the World Cup in France

“Personally, I think we will manage to find a consensus in the interest of women’s football and this World Cup. I trust the protagonists to ensure that everything works out.”

“We should have found him long before, but we’re not going to redo the past. We’re going to focus on the present and the future. Let’s hope that the coming week will be very positive. It’s important for the image of the club. he French team is even capital for French women’s football.”

Fox on absences: “Nothing more impersonal than a message”

“This morning I woke up with the idea of ​​calling (on the phone) five players who are not on this list. I consider it my responsibility to call them. I had promised that I would call them because I find that there is nothing more impersonal than a message. I ask them to stay focused, anything can happen.”

Renard continues to explain his choices

“I concentrated on watching each of them carefully, without restriction, because it is important for me that the French team has the most possible assets to face the difficulties. We then make our choices in our soul and conscience. The last three/four choices are played at little things.”

Fox on attacking picks

“For me, Selma Bacha can play as well behind the left side as left midfielder. Becho and Feller, I followed them carefully, they are two young girls who must bring us their enthusiasm and their versatility. It is important, especially with the package of Katoto and Cascarino.”

Fox on the return of Amandine Henry

“Reminding her was one of my first intentions. (On her return from injury) Everything seems resolved, we accompanied her very closely so that she was fit.”

Hervé Renard on Diani’s state of health

“She communicated herself, she resumed racing at the beginning of last week. There is a little time left, she will have a specialized program. We have given two weeks of total recovery to all players with a recovery program for the last week. Kadi won’t have a stoppage, no cuts. I think there won’t be a problem.”

Henry’s return, possible surprise in attack … The latest trends in Renard’s pre-list for the World Cup

The coach of the French women’s team, Hervé Renard, will announce on Tuesday a pre-list of 26 players for the World Cup in Australia and New Zealand. State of play.

>> The latest trends from Renard’s pre-list for the World Cup

The Blue calendar

Preparation matches

  • July 6: Ireland-France
  • July 14: Australia-France

World Cup (group stage)

  • July 23: France-Jamaica
  • July 29: France-Brazil
  • August 2: Panama-France

A list of 26 which will be reduced to 23

The Blue coach will select 26 players on Tuesday. Three players will then leave the group before the competition.

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