LIVE – Disappearance of Lina in Alsace: tenth day of searching to find the teenager

“We try to search everywhere”: the testimony of Issa, Lina’s childhood friend

“There are a few groups of us. We’re looking.” Issa, a friend of Lina, reports to RMC that they are continuing the search to find the teenager who has not given any sign of life since Saturday September 23.

“We search in the forest, in abandoned places,” he continues. “We try to make a perimeter on a map and search everywhere.”

Issa sometimes goes to private properties with the agreement of the owners, according to him.

The teenager who remains hopeful does not hide his fear of never finding Lina. “I think everyone has a bit of this fear in the back of their minds, but we try not to think about it and then we search,” explains Issa, who confides to RMC that he has barely slept for two days.

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Ten days later, how the investigations are taking place in the long term

After ten days of research, the long duration of the investigations is about to begin for the investigators.

“Due to the complexity of the case”, note the prosecutors of Saverne and Strasbourg in a press release, two investigating judges will now be in charge of the investigations.

On Sunday, the investigations automatically moved to another framework, that of the judicial investigation opened against X for “kidnapping and sequestration not followed by voluntary release before the seventh day”.

With this choice of classification of offense, the two magistrates “will not be limited in means and in time, this allows them to go further, with letters rogatory”, notes Me Olivier Pardo, criminal lawyer at the bar of Paris and former investigating judge.

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The Strasbourg public prosecutor’s office expects “long-term investigations”

The Strasbourg public prosecutor expects “long-term investigations”, indicates the latter in a press release published yesterday late afternoon.

“At this stage, no charges have been brought against anyone, no avenue being ruled out or favored,” specifies the prosecution.

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Judicial investigation “for kidnapping or sequestration” opened

Hello everyone, and welcome to this live dedicated to the disappearance of Lina, in Plaine (Bas-Rhin). The 15-year-old girl has not given any sign of life since Saturday September 23.

The initial investigation having failed to find Lina after more than seven days of investigation, the latter was transferred to judicial information on Sunday.

Welcome to this live

Hello, welcome to this live broadcast dedicated to the disappearance of Lina, 15 years old, who has not given any sign of life since September 23 in Bas-Rhin

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