Less talk, more taxes? Former Ministers of Ecology take stock (calmly)

“I’m afraid it’s the COP of oil.” They have been in charge and are familiar with these major climate gatherings. As COP28 opened last week in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 20 minutes went to meet former Ministers of Ecology. Barbara Pompili, François de Rugy, Corinne Lepage and Yves Cochet answered our questions on camera.

Choosing Sultan al Jaber, general manager of an oil company, to chair this COP, is it a good symbol? Should there be sanctions for the signatory countries of the agreements? And why not tax the biggest fortunes? Former members of the government discuss the issues and limits of these major environmental conferences. So, “good COP” or “bad COP”?

Discover, in the video at the top of this article, the sometimes surprising answers from these former residents of the “ministry of the impossible”.

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