Léna Situations asks herself a funny question about Californians… Kris Jenner finally reveals who her favorite girl is…

April 28, 2022

Andrew Garfield is taking a career break

Andrew Garfield has decided to take a long vacation! The actor, who has had a busy year with three films and a TV series, wants to breathe a little.

“I’m really very happy and looking forward to being calm, still, and taking time to just live. It’s very important right now, especially after so much work, being in the world so much, and giving a lot of energy to the things I’m passionate about. I need to refill this well so that I can resume with authenticity,” he revealed to People.

After appearing in particular on In the eyes of Tammy Faye, Tick, Tick… ​​Boom!and the series Under the Banner of Heavenwe can understand that the actor needs to breathe!

Léna Situations facing Californian pickles

Kris Jenner reveals who her favorite daughter is

Kris Jenner has revealed on Twitter that Kim Kardashian is her favorite daughter! “I love my daughter Kim the most! She’s just the cutest and sweetest! “, has she post… or in any case the person in charge of his account. The main interested party said she was blushing with pleasure… but her other children were a little more angry!

“You spelled Khloé wrong,” replied Khloé Kardashian. His daughter Kylie Jenner has, meanwhile, affirmed that her mother’s account was “obviously” hacked.

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