“Le grand macabre” in Frankfurt and Vienna: Staggering into the end of the world – culture

The increasingly amused opera-goers waited two and a half hours for the comet, which unexpectedly arrived from space, to finally put an end to the dilapidated earth. But the comet is unreliable, it doesn’t come to Frankfurt or Vienna, it was once again just one of the many fake news. The end of the world has been canceled and humanity will carry on as before, loving, torturing, exploiting, scheming, conspiracy theorizing and moongazing. One hundred years ago, György Ligeti (1923-2006) was born, a composer who became well-known across the avant-garde and classical music scene, and who also composed an opera, “Le grand macabre”, which is now being played in several houses to mark the anniversary in Frankfurt and Vienna are only a few days apart.

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