Koh-Lanta 2024: Surprise double elimination, a betrayal changes everything in the course of the game!

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Last week, reunification took place in Koh-Lanta, The Immunity Hunters ! And during the first council of the reunited tribe, it was Léa, the ex-red, who was eliminated. Now there are twelve of them still competing. And it is during individual events that they must stand out. Like during this tenth episode, where the adventurers competed against each other in legendary games. And this time, not one but two Robinson apprentices are leaving the show!

Koh-Lanta 2024: Who won the comfort game?

First of all, Denis Brogniart announces the reward: a night in a bed, with breakfast early in the morning. And that’s not all, the winner will go and discover whale sharks and will even be able to swim with them! Even more, from now until the end of the adventure, during each comfort game, the winner wins the reward but also a clue allowing him to find an immunity necklace.

Finally, it’s time for the legendary archery event. Whoever shoots the arrow closest to the center of the target has the opportunity to eliminate a comrade. Léa and Amri win several salvos, but the young woman is eliminated by Meïssa. Finally, the final is played between Pauline and Amri, and it is Amri who emerges as the winner of the event ! He chooses to share his reward with Pauline.

While the duo enjoys this dream getaway, the atmosphere at the camp is not good. Cécile and David criticize Meïssa for not eliminating Amri when he had the opportunity during the comfort game. Having played an immunity necklace – the same one that Ricky had given him before his elimination – without telling the ex-reds also raises questions. For his part, Meïssa is annoyed and even confides to Mégane that he will vote with his soul and conscience. And while tensions seemed to have eased, the tone rose again as the ex-reds considered eliminating Amri. Meïssa refuses and suggests eliminating a girl, Pauline’s name is mentioned.

Koh-Lanta 2024: Direct elimination in the immunity test!

In the middle of the night, Amri recovered his immunity necklace hidden in the camp trunk, with the help of Aurélien and Sébastien. With this jewel, he has the possibility of protecting himself only or two other adventurers. But Mégane saw something last night… Meanwhile, Amri and Meïssa create a secret alliance. Meïssa reveals to him that it is Pauline who is in danger at the council. In return, the ex-yellows must protect Meïssa and Mégane.

Finally, in the early morning, it’s time for the immunity test. Denis Brogniart announces the rules of the game: everyone has a seesaw table on which six pieces of wood must be balanced. All while moving forward and backward while holding the rope. The first to successfully complete the mission wins the test. And the last one… is eliminated! Victory is for Jean who is therefore immune. Sébastien, David, Léa, Aurélien, Mégane, Pauline, Amri, Meïssa then Cécile follow. The final is played between Océane and Julie. It is finally Océane who arrives last and is eliminated.

Who was eliminated from the Koh-Lanta 2024 council?

After Océane’s departure, strategic discussions resumed. Meïssa and Amri continue their secret alliance. The ex-reds finally plan to vote against Amri. But Meïssa goes to warn her ally… and can’t help but take Mégane into her confidence. The latter, for her part, does not wish to sacrifice an ex-red. She tells everything to Cécile, who does not wish to change strategy, finding her comrade too naive.

Facing Denis Brogniart on the council, the adventurers receive 2 kilos of rice. Then, after everyone’s votes, the host asks if anyone wants to play an immunity necklace. This is the case of Amri, who decides to protect himself this evening.

Finally, time for the counting: 7 votes against Amri which are not counted and 5 votes against Cécile, who is therefore eliminated. Before joining the final jury, she gives her black vote to Mégane.

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