Kim Virginia: Was she really bullied in the jungle camp?

Was she really bullied in the jungle camp?

Kim Virginia and Mike Heiter no longer became friends in the jungle camp.


Kim Virginia still needs to speak. In her opinion, RTL is partly to blame for her poor external image: she feels bullied.

The feud between Kim Virigina (28) and Mike Heiter (31) in this year’s jungle camp continues weeks after the end of the RTL show “I’m a Star – Get Me Out of Here!” (also on RTL+). In a new interview with the “Bild” newspaper However, Virginia now also took action against the station. On February 18th, after the actual end of the show, she met her ex-affair again in the so-called “aftermath” and apologized to him again there. However, that wasn’t broadcast: “What was cut out of the broadcast is that I apologized again, for the sixth time.”

She had hoped that it would be included in the program: “I said that I would really like to end the topic.” Since she moved out, it was as if everyone was only talking about her. At the get-together, an attempt was made to deepen the topic at their expense: “It seems as if they just wanted to provoke me until the topic with me was completely exploited, because that was apparently the only thing that got ratings. ” Constantly bringing up this topic was “bullying” for her.

Did Felix von Jascheroff insult you?

An alleged scene with her jungle camp colleague Felix von Jascheroff (41) was cut from the show, even though it contained insults. He told her that she “likes to put things in her mouth and swallow everything.” But later it was only shown what she then said to him: “Yes, carry on with your slut-shaming!” His comments were not broadcast.

A swipe from Leyla Lahouar (27) against her also didn’t make it onto TV. In Kim Virginia’s opinion, Leyla should be portrayed as an angel: “I wonder whether RTL doesn’t want to portray its protagonists, who work for the broadcaster, in a bad light. The editing sometimes made no sense at all.” She was also disappointed with presenter Sonja Zietlow (55): “Sonja’s taunts were cut out. She immediately turned positive statements about me into negative ones and constantly interrupted me.”

It was “really intense” and her friends who contacted her afterwards spoke of bullying. She also felt that way. When asked by the newspaper, the broadcaster said about the allegations: “Basically, it is always an editorial decision as to what makes it into our programs and what doesn’t.”


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