Jürgen Flimm is dead: an obituary by Elke Heidenreich – culture

He was quiet and he was funny. Once I was leaving the hotel in New York and happened to meet him on the street, “Darling,” he said, “I’m going to Robert Wilson’s, it’s nice that you’re there too, come with me.” And once he called me and said: “Darling, I’m director in Salzburg, you know, right? Give the opening speech at the festival, someone has to read the riot act for them, you can do that.” And once I called him and said “Jürgen, I’m doing a book about the love of music, write me something”, and he wrote a wonderful text about his uncle Kurt, who was always looking for the ground fog that had just been announced on the radio under his grandmother’s bed . And Uncle Kurt became an organist and made sure that little Jürgen went to concerts and learned to love music.

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