Jungle camp 2022: Janina Youssefian about her goals

Jungle camp 2022
Wild animals and interesting men: Janina Youssefian on her first days in South Africa

Jungle camp candidate Janina Youssefian

© Arya Shirazi / MG RTL D

The 2022 jungle camp starts in one week. In the stern interview, participant Janina Youssefian explains how she prepared for this challenge – and what her goals are.

Janina Youssefian, the jungle camp starts next Friday. Where are you right now?
I am in South Africa in a beautiful lodge. It’s super nice here.

Have you already seen wild animals?
There are a lot of animals here: I’ve seen giraffes and lions. Several species of venomous snakes. The baboons even come onto the terrace. We always have to keep the door open here. And in our room lives a bush baby – it looks like a bat with bug eyes and pees on our table.

How do you spend the days?
Yesterday I had a full schedule: preparatory talks with Dr. Bob. And it was the fitting for the jungle clothes. My quarantine starts today. I had to do the first PCR test this morning.

Have you met the other camp residents yet?
No, we are all in separate lodges.

Do you go to camp with the aim of winning?
I’m a fighter by nature. If you don’t have a goal, you’ve already lost.

Did you prepare specifically for the camp?
I’m not as unprepared as some of my roommates. I’ve filmed a show in Africa before, 2014 “Reality Queens on Safari”. If you don’t know what it feels like under these conditions, you’ll run into problems: you’re dirty, hungry, there are dangers lurking everywhere and then you also have to do jungle tests. If you don’t have experience with it, it will be difficult. We are really in the middle of the jungle here.

Have you prepared nutritionally for the jungle?
I was previously on a sugar diet. You will be deprived of all spices in the camp: salts, sugar. That’s why everyone has a headache and is tired: you lack insulin in your body. You don’t have any form of sugar in your food.

Are there interesting men in the camp for you?
what man? No, there is no man for me. After all, I could talk to Harald Glööckler about cosmetic surgery, beauty and fashion.

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