Jungle camp 2022: Anouschka Renzi could fare like Tanja Schumann

Jungle camp 2022
Anouschka Renzi: Why she could meet the same fate as Tanja Schumann

Anouschka Renzi is tired of the jungle camp


Anouschka Renzi complained on Monday evening that she wanted so badly to leave the camp. That may not have been a smart move by the actress.

She no longer feels like going to the camp, but she would never go voluntarily. Because then a large part of her fee would be canceled. Anouschka Renzi made that clear on Monday evening in a conversation with Sonja Zietlow and Daniel Hartwich.

The actress had previously explained to Eric Stehfest that she went to the jungle camp solely because of the money. She doesn’t understand that people like Manuel Flickinger would have started the journey even without pay.

Jungle camp 2022: Anouschka Renzi wants out

And so in the evening Renzi was delighted to have gotten a “maybe” with Tina Ruland. One of the two women had received the fewest calls. But then: Big disappointment for Renzi, Tina Ruland was chosen by the jungle fans from the camp instead of her. If older seasons are an indication, it should continue like this.

Because the fact that a jungle star would like to exchange the camp for a luxury suite in the hotel had already happened before. Tanja Schumann had imagined it so beautifully in 2014: She would just hang around the camp for a few days so she didn’t get many calls and then spend a good time with her husband at the station’s expense. The actress repeatedly emphasized her desire – a big mistake.

Tanja Schumann felt the same way

Because the “I’m a Star” viewers want to see the actors in the camp suffer. In the end, Schumann even “made it” against her will into the semi-finals. “Maybe I dug my own grave with it. I can understand the audience when I sit there and say I want to go on vacation too, so that they think: ‘Well, that’s a really great idea!’ I wasn’t aware of it at the moment when I was sitting there in the jungle. I just wanted to go to my husband and thought, he’s so close and maybe I can go there,” she explained after moving out in an interview Olivia Jones.

Lazy, boring stars who want to collect their money and then go on vacation – that doesn’t go down well with viewers. Maybe someone should have whispered that to Anouschka Renzi.


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