Judith Rakers sent secret signals in the “Tagesschau” – Panorama

Judith Rakers, 48, former “Tagesschau” spokeswoman, sends secret messages. When presenting the weather, she once took a pen between her fingers and let it wiggle for “young people who wrote to me,” she revealed on the “MDR at 4” program. For her, it was a small gesture “that probably no other viewer noticed,” but it led to incredible joy for the recipient. During her time as presenter of the “Tagesschau” she only did this “very, very rarely”. At the end of January, Rakers said goodbye as the show’s spokesperson after 19 years.

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Beyonce, 42, singer, uses a commercial to promote herself. In a telecom commercial during the Super Bowl telecast, Beyoncé jokes with comedian Tony Hale about how she can get everyone’s attention online. After various suggestions, the singer finally says, “Bring out the music.” At the same time, the reference to “Act II” and the date “March 29” were visible on their website. Music from two new songs was also released there, the titles of which “Texas Hold ‘Em” and “16 Carriages” immediately had fans speculating about whether it could be a country album. Beyoncé, who was in the audience during the Super Bowl at the stadium in Las Vegas, is one of the world’s most successful musicians.

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Joe Biden, 81, US President, has a laser-clear view of things. After the Kansas City Chiefs’ victory in the Super Bowl, his social media team posted a photo montage on the Democrat’s personal X account that shows Biden smiling against a black background – with eyes from which red lasers shoot. The montage is a meme that has been circulating on the internet for some time and is known as “Dark Brandon.” Biden’s team wrote about the image: “Exactly as we planned,” an obvious parody of right-wing conspiracy drivel that the Chiefs’ victory was a set-up. Republicans had feared that superstar Taylor Swift, who is dating Chiefs player Travis Kelce, might use her presence at the Super Bowl to campaign for Biden and his Democrats.

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