Judicial investigation opened against the spouse of a victim, after a triple homicide

He is suspected of having killed his partner, his 3-year-old son, and his sister-in-law in Amiens in mid-April. A judicial investigation was opened on Thursday against a man who confessed after attempting suicide, the prosecutor said.

The public prosecutor has requested the detention of this 48-year-old man, under investigation for “murder of a minor” and “murder by spouse”, said the prosecutor of Amiens Alexandre de Bosschère, in a press release. .

Dispute after heavy drinking

Heard at the University Hospital of Amiens, he “admitted to having killed his companion” Jennifer, 25, a “murder by strangulation” which “would have occurred, according to his statements, during the weekend of April 9 and 10, in a context of argument after a strong alcoholic drink on his part”.

“Less explicit” on the fate of little Eliam and his sister-in-law, Amélia, 26, “he nevertheless admitted that he was necessarily the author” of their homicides, added the prosecutor.

The chronology of events remains “uncertain”

The first genetic analyzes made it possible to identify his DNA and that of Amélia on a knife covered in blood found near the body of the young woman. “Other DNA traces (…) tend to confirm his responsibility in these crimes. According to the suspect, the child was killed on Monday, and Amélia on Tuesday, a chronology which “remains uncertain for the moment”, according to the prosecutor.

Searches of the victims’ cell phones “determined” that the suspect had “deliberately brought in his sister-in-law on Monday evening, claiming to have good news to tell her”.

Suicide attempt with an electric nailer

She gave no sign of life after arriving at the apartment, and if an SMS was sent from her phone that evening “it is possible to doubt that she is the author”.
“The same observation was made concerning an SMS” emitted by Jennifer’s cell phone, on April 10, to warn her employer of an absence.

On Wednesday morning, the man bought “an electric nailer” with which “he tried to commit suicide by driving 7 nails several cm into the head, neck and chest”. “The next morning, he again tried to kill himself by hitting a truck with Amélia’s vehicle. »

The three victims had been discovered in the apartment of the couple, on April 15, after the call of a worried relative. The suspect was taken into custody on Wednesday.
Known to justice for acts of forgery, fraud or concealed work, he “has never been convicted for acts of violence”, according to the prosecutor.

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