iPhone 15: BMW confirms that charging cradle can destroy new cell phones

iPhone 15
Broken by charging correctly: BMW confirms that its charging cradle can destroy the new iPhones

The new iPhone 15 can be charged via USB-C for the first time. However, there seem to be problems with the wireless solution in modern BMWs

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The iPhone 15 has only been on the market for a few weeks. But BMW drivers are already complaining about defects. The manufacturer now wants to investigate the problem.

It’s only been a few weeks since Apple launched four new iPhone models (ours Tests of the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro can be found under the links). And despite the short time, there are already numerous reports of broken devices. Now BMW has confirmed the problems. However, it is still unclear who exactly has to or can fix the error.

The first reports came from the USA weeks ago, and German BMW owners have now also spoken out. The story is always the same: The drivers had placed their new iPhone in the charging cradle installed in their car as normal – and then discovered that the NFC function was defective.

iPhone 15 defective: BMW confirms problems

After neither Apple nor BMW had previously commented on this, BMW has now confirmed to “Mac & i” that it is aware of the problem. The company is currently investigating the error, the company told the magazine when asked. The answer seems to imply that Apple is also involved in the analysis.

In fact, it is apparently completely unclear what exactly causes the damage. BMW installs parts in its cars that comply with the Qi standard, so they should actually work without any problems with the new iPhones. Overheating is actually unlikely with wireless charging. When charging via cable, the new iPhones sometimes got significantly hotter when they were released, and Apple even had to follow up with an emergency update. But this didn’t lead to any damage.

A failure of the NFC chip does not make the iPhone completely unusable – but it does have limitations depending on usage behavior. Payment via Apple Pay is made via the chip. In other countries you can also use local public transport cards or your university ID card. Some modern cars can also be unlocked directly using the chip and then no longer need a key. All of this can no longer be used with a defective chip.

Clear warning

However, as long as there is no information about the exact cause, the error cannot be corrected. Even which car models can cause the problem has not yet been finally clarified. But it seems to mainly occur in newer cars. Only after the investigation has been completed will it become clear whether an update to the car or smartphone can resolve the strange interaction between the devices. Or the hardware needs to be revised.

Until then, BMW advises its customers not to put the new iPhones in the charging cradle. Customer centers should also explicitly advise against this. Instead, you should currently charge the iPhone in the car using a cable. A blessing in disguise: So far, all affected devices are still under warranty, and Apple is said to have already replaced some iPhones.

Source:Mac & i, MacRumors

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