Interview with C. Bernd Sucher about his first novel – Munich

In his first novel “Rahel’s Journey” C. Bernd Sucher tells the story of an extended Jewish family over five generations. A conversation about his path from critic to novelist, about anti-Semites and the question of whether it is possible to live as a Jew in Germany today.

Even during his time as a critic, he always described himself as an author, says C. Bernd Sucher during a conversation in his old Munich apartment. Now the former theater editor has South German newspaper published his first novel entitled “Rahel’s Journey”. At the same time, he was working on the book “Unsecure Homeland,” which was published in the fall, an inventory of Jewish life in Germany. The writer, who was born in Bitterfeld in 1949, realized that he enjoyed inventing stories more than researching them. A conversation about spoiled mothers, arrogant critics and life as a German-Jewish author.

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