Interview on Hamas terror: “What’s new is that they also murder children, specifically” – Culture

The French political scientist Hugo Micheron, 35, approached jihadism from below: He spoke to imprisoned Islamists in French prisons, in French and also in Arabic. He learned Arabic in Syria, where he lived for one and a half years. He appeared as an expert in the trial of the terrorist attacks on November 13, 2015 in Paris. The writer Emmanuel Carrère praised Micheron’s appearance in his masterful book “V13” with the sentence: Micheron “turned on the light” in the courtroom. This spring, Micheron published a book about European jihadism, starting with its roots in the Afghan war of liberation against the USSR: “La colère et l’oubli”, the anger and the forgetting. Also a three-part one Arteseries he supervised.

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