“Inside Greenpeace”: Series gives an insight behind the scenes

“Inside Greenpeace”
Series gives a look behind the scenes

In “Inside Greenpeace – What will it take to save the world?” Sky gives an insight behind the scenes of the famous NGO.

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With the series “Inside Greenpeace – What does it take to save the world?” Sky accompanies activists around the world in their operations.

The name Greenpeace is known to most people. After all, the organization has been drawing attention to the destruction of the planet through a wide variety of campaigns for more than 50 years. But what exactly does the famous NGO actually do and what does it look like behind the scenes? A new five-part documentary series from Sky now provides unusual insights into their work. “Inside Greenpeace – What will it take to save the world?” starts on September 17th. For the first time, Greenpeace opened its archive with over 18,000 tapes.

This is what “Inside Greenpeace” is about

In five parts, the series follows seven activists and campaign makers in 17 countries as observers for a year. The viewer is up close when Brazilian research analyst Bianca Cavalcante da Silva travels through the Amazon region in search of those behind the illegal deforestation. Or when the former Greenpeace managing director Jennifer Morgan – now State Secretary and special representative for international climate policy in the Foreign Office – blocks the port of Rotterdam in a major campaign.

There are also previously unpublished images looking back at some of Greenpeace’s most famous actions, such as the occupation of the Brent Spar oil platform, in which the German Christian Bussau was also involved. Bussau also includes these and many other Greenpeace actions in the series.

In addition, less well-known aspects of the organization are also taken into account, such as legal campaigns, scientific evaluations of environmentally relevant data and political work at national and international levels. The series also critically poses the question of whether Greenpeace’s means are still the right ones today.

“Inside Greenpeace – What will it take to save the world?” will be available from September 17th on Sky and the streaming service Wow and can be seen on Sky Nature.


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