Inflation – holidays yes, but cheap please – economy

According to a study, instead of forgoing a holiday altogether in financially difficult times, Germans prefer to take a slimmed-down holiday. According to a study by the Hamburg BAT Foundation for Future Issues, 73 percent of those surveyed want to cut back on souvenirs and shopping in order to keep travel costs under control despite inflation and high energy prices. 69 percent, in turn, traveled in the off-season instead of in the high season, 63 percent chose a travel destination that was as inexpensive as possible and 60 percent chose cheaper accommodation than usual. More than half of those surveyed (56 percent) took more complicated travel routes, such as alternatives, to reduce costs Departure airports or longer transfer times are acceptable. 54 percent, on the other hand, were waiting for “bargains” and last-minute offers. Also 54 percent no longer wanted to go to the restaurant so often at their holiday destination.

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