In “X-Factor: The Unbelievable”: Arnie’s son Joseph plays the King of Thieves

In “X-Factor: The Unbelievable”
Arnie’s son Joseph plays the King of Thieves

Joseph Baena (l.) takes on the role of Robin Hood for Jonathan Frakes.

© RTLZWEI / Photo: Marshall Hall / imago/NurPhoto

Was there a King of Thieves? The new “X-Factor” episode explores this question – with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son Joseph as Robin Hood.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s offspring (76) are increasingly following in the footsteps of the world-famous “Terminator” actor. Patrick Schwarzenegger (30) most recently appeared in “The Boys” spin-off “Gen V”. In just a few days the first episode of ““X-Factor: The Unbelievable” (October 29th, 8:15 p.m., RTLzwei) another Arnie offspring is the focus: in one of the five short stories, again by “Star Trek” great Jonathan Frakes (71) as moderator presented, son Joseph Baena (26) takes on a leading, even world-famous role.

The 26-year-old, who no longer has to hide from his old man when it comes to muscle mass, plays the king of those thieves, i.e. Robin Hood, in the story “Honor Among Thieves”. The synopsis for the short story shows that Frakes is not questioning a modern Robin Hood story, but rather the actual myth of Robin of Locksley – who is said to have taken from the rich in the Middle Ages to give to the poor.

25 years of “one way or another similar” truth and fiction

At the beginning of November 1998, “X-Factor: The Unbelievable” was broadcast for the first time on RTLzwei. To mark the 25th anniversary of the well-known mystery series, the channel will show the opening episode of the sixth season just in time for Halloween. In addition to the well-known presenter Frakes and the now announced Baena, the new edition also features a few other well-known actors.

In the “Hotel des Grauens” Manu Bennett (54, “Spartacus – Gods of the Arena”) will be seen in the role of receptionist. In “The Meat Rain of Kentucky” Danny Trejo (79, “Sons of Anarchy”) takes on the role of sheriff.

The new episode is one of eight in total, all of which were produced in the USA. In September, RTLzwei announced that the episodes could be created in and around Los Angeles and despite the Hollywood strike. “RTLzwei and the production partners are not members of the US industry association AMPTP and are therefore not a party in this dispute. We are filming with an exemption from the actors’ union and believe their demands are justified overall,” explained Gerhard Putz from RTLzwei.


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