In a final text, the “most” of the members of the G20 “strongly condemn” the conflict

By the admission of Indonesian President Joko Widodo, the publication of a joint communiqué at the G20 summit was “very difficult”. It must be said that the leaders present in Bali do not all have the same opinion on the war waged by Moscow against kyiv. But in the end, by mentioning the divergent positions of the countries, the text collected all the signatures, in particular those of Russia, China and India. If Beijing and New Delhi have never explicitly condemned Moscow since the start of the war, Xi Jinping and Narendra Modi are increasingly distancing themselves from Vladimir Putin. The G20 therefore marked a little more the international isolation of the master of the Kremlin.

In the final communiqué published on Wednesday, “most” of the G20 members “strongly condemn the war in Ukraine” and all agree that the conflict “undermines the world economy”. The members of the group also underline in this text that “the use or threat to use nuclear weapons is inadmissible”.

multiple crises

Indonesia, the host country of the summit, hoped in early 2022 to be able to focus its presidency on cooperative efforts to revive the global economy after the Covid-19 pandemic. But the war started in February by Russia in Ukraine upset this program by causing multiple crises, in particular food and energy, and widening the divisions between countries.

After a series of ministerial preparatory meetings for the G20 which had failed to reach common positions, because of deep divisions between Westerners, Russia and countries of the South on the war in Ukraine, Indonesia has multiplied diplomatic efforts to obtain an agreement in Mountain peak. Joko Widodo will therefore have finally succeeded in obtaining a joint text. For this, he thanked “all those who participated and who showed flexibility”. It is now the turn of the leaders of the countries of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum to meet in Bangkok, this Thursday and Friday, for a summit with there also the backdrop of the war in Ukraine.

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