Hundreds of job offers but no immediate reopening of Europa-Park

Europa Park. On 06 06 06 – G. VARELA / 20 MINUTES

  • The Europa-Park amusement park in Germany, very popular and providing jobs for many Alsatian cross-border workers, has been closed because of the coronavirus pandemic since November 2020.
  • For the moment, no precise date has been announced for its reopening, but the owners, the Mack family, are preparing to relaunch employment weeks on May 12.
  • The terms of this reopening include scientific supervision by the University of Freiburg im Breisgau. Everything is being discussed with the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Social Affairs.

Long-awaited, so much hoped for, particularly from cross-border workers, the German leisure park Europa-Park, already voted Best amusement park in the world, still cannot give a reopening date. If in France, the time for “deconfinement” is approaching, on the other side of the Rhine, things seem much stricter. Nevertheless, the management is on the starting blocks and is launching from May 12
weeks of employment.

Despite the arrival of sunny days and a semblance of normal life promised in France, we will have to keep the children, their parents and their friends patient. Europa-Park will reopen of course, but not just anyhow. The owners, the Mack family, have previously agreed with the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Social Affairs to reopen as a pilot project.

A pilot project

The terms of this reopening indeed include scientific supervision by the University of Freiburg im Breisgau. A pilot project under discussion between the various stakeholders. But it is already noted that the precondition for the reopening will be an incidence rate dropping below 100 cases per 100,000 inhabitants over at least five rolling days. As a result, it is currently impossible for the Mack family to announce a specific reopening day.

Roland Mack, owner of Europa-Park, however promises the development of a project with very elaborate hygiene measures. “Last year, we had already demonstrated that the operation of the entire complex, including the leisure park, hotels, restaurants and the Rulantica water park, was possible while respecting a broad hygiene protocol, he explains.

Europa-Park-Resort received more than two million visitors in 2020 “without listing the slightest incident or problem” assures Roland Mack who says he is “confident about the prospects of reopening. »An important reopening for the population who need a change of scenery and entertainment, but also for the employees, the partners of the company and the small town of Rust where the leisure parks are located.

Also, the park renews its employment week from May 12, Wednesday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. in the German quarter of Europa-Park. No less than 400 positions are to be filled. A recruitment day is even organized in partnership with the cross-border placement service of the Pôle Emploi in Sélestat and Agentur für Arbeit in Germany. This will take place on May 21 at Europa-Park.

This is good news because with more than 4,450 employees during the summer season, 20% of whom are French, Europa-Park is usually the largest employer in South Baden. Currently, almost all of the park’s permanent employees have been on partial unemployment since last November. But for this year 2021,
the park is recruiting staff with full and part-time jobs. Catering, attractions, hotels, sales, maintenance, there will be something for everyone, provided you have a fairly good level of German (from A1 to C1). In Rulantica, the indoor water park of Europa-Park, there are positions of reception agents, lifeguards and attraction operators. We therefore have to wait a little longer, while the coronavirus gives us a little respite and some leisure …

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