Herbert Grönemeyer in conversation: This is what you can expect in the exclusive interview

Watch the video: Grönemeyer in conversation – that’s what awaits you in the exclusive stern interview.

Herbert Grönemeyer is back with new music and lots of thoughts. With the star he speaks exclusively about war in Europe and the fear of a nuclear war:
I’m worried. Not fear, because fear would be paralyzing. But I’m very worried about an escalation.
Herbert Grönemeyer im star-Interview
He also wonders how ex-Chancellor Merkel could have been mistaken about Putin:
That was the man whose language she speaks and whom she knew almost the longest during her chancellorship. It’s a mystery to me why their instincts failed so badly with Putin.
Herbert Grönemeyer in the stern interview
Grönemeyer also talks about poverty in Germany, whether his passion for cars is compatible with climate protection and why he still wants to sing until he is 93. You can read the whole interview in the current issue star or at star+.

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