Heidi Klum: She cheers on the Tokio Hotel at the CSD in Berlin

Heidi Klum
She cheers on Tokio Hotel at the CSD in Berlin

Heidi Klum in the audience at the CSD in Berlin.

© imago/Photopress Müller

At the CSD in Berlin, too, the musicians from Tokio Hotel could count on their most loyal fan: Heidi Klum shared the excitement with the audience.

After the unsuccessful Deichbrand performance due to a technical glitch on Friday (July 21), the four musicians from Tokio Hotel didn’t let themselves be defeated. On Saturday (July 22nd) we went straight to Berlin for a gig at the CSD. Also part of the party: Heidi Klum (50), the diligently took her fans and followers on Instagram with her.

Heidi Klum in spring hot pants

In an eye-catching outfit consisting of tight hot pants with feathers, a white bra, a dark blue bomber jacket, high heels and including glamor make-up, Klum cheered on her husband and his band from the front row in the audience.

Bill and Tom Kaulitz (33), Gustav Schäfer (34) and Georg Listing (36) put on a spectacular show with outfit changes, confetti rain and guitar solos. The audience sang along loudly and celebrated the band with thunderous applause.

Deichbrand organizers comment on the breakdown

Via Instagram the organizers of the Deichbrand Festival have now also spoken out about the appearance of Tokio Hotel. Accordingly, there was an “irreparable technical defect” on Friday evening, which is why the band could not play their full set. “We promise you that both we and the band will do our best to catch up on this performance at the Deichband Festival,” it continues.

Tokio Hotel also immediately spoke up via Instagram after the breakdown in the dyke fire and apologized to the fans. “We are devastated,” said Bill Kaulitz. “We’re so sorry we couldn’t finish our set. We’ve been preparing for this for so long and have an amazing show planned for you guys.” But everything suddenly failed and they could not return to the stage.

“The only thing left for us to do was take a guitar and try to play ‘Through the Monsoon,'” continued Bill Kaulitz. The four men did the same and the 60,000 festival visitors sang along loudly. “We were overwhelmed,” said the Tokio Hotel frontman.


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