Gyms change the rules and run classes in the dark

No power cut, just a new trend. Sports centers are innovating and going dark, determined to stand out from classic halls (those with lights) to attract new followers. And it’s a success! This concept appeals because it allows members of these centers to improve their physical conditions in a less traditional way, with the added bonus of many other benefits…

Hell is no longer other people

Whether it be The Boxing Circle for boxing, studio poses in yoga and Pilates or the dance studio Decibel, they all have one thing in common: immersing their members in the dark, for the duration of a lesson. The reason is simple, in the dark there is zero complex, zero judgment! This dark atmosphere places the participants in a climate that exempts them from the gaze of others. And puts them in total confidence with disciplines that often require expertise. Without lights, we dare to make a movement that we did not know and better still, we feel free to do it badly or even miss it! This is what Roxanne, a self-employed cardio-boxing coach, explains to us, “For members, I find it great to say to themselves: “Even if I’m sweating, even if I’m not looking my best, no one will see me since I am in the dark “.

dark vs light

But enjoying a lesson in the dark isn’t necessarily for everyone. It all depends on its purpose and role. For teachers, the lesson in the dark is often less obvious to carry out. “As a coach in the dark, what is difficult is that we necessarily have less visual on the errors of the students and on the security aspect which is perhaps less there”, underlines coach Roxanne.

For the members, it is less restrictive because this dark and musical atmosphere stimulates them. But again, it all depends on the goal of each. Participants who are more focused on their techniques and their margins of improvement will be less likely to appreciate the experience. Those who want to insist more on entertainment and energy expenditure will be convinced. “In the dark, we have a clientele that wants to exercise while having fun,” explains the coach. Black vs light, so it’s a draw, depending on the target.

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