Green power from the sea: sprinting with the wind – economy

Whether all of this will work out with the energy transition will also be decided on a really big stake in the Baltic Sea. Visiting the heart of a wind farm, whose control room has a special name.


Saskia Aleythe, Aalborg

They argued about the helicopter deck for a long time. Is that really necessary? Well, says Matthias Wilhelm: Building an offshore wind farm is like a marriage, you don’t always get what you want. He’s still standing on the helideck, a good 30 meters above the factory premises, wearing orange protective clothing, a helmet and safety goggles. In the distance, the blade of a windmill vibrates for test purposes: across, up and down. Up and down. You can look at it for a long time, it has a slightly meditative effect. Up and down. swing. swing. The wind isn’t blowing hard in Aalborg in Denmark today, but you shouldn’t go too close to the edge of the deck. There is no railing.

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