GNTM: Jasmin speaks out after the wig scandal – “I don’t regret anything”

“Germany’s Next Topmodel”
“GNTM” rebel Jasmine says after the wig scandal: “I don’t regret anything”

Not happy at all: Jasmine on “Germany’s next top model”.

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The makeover of “Germany’s next top model” traditionally causes a sensation. This time candidate Jasmine was so dissatisfied that she had something changed behind Heidi Klum’s back. Shortly thereafter, she was kicked out of the show. Now the 23-year-old has commented on it.

The fact that the young models in “Germany’s next top model” like to have something to complain about in their makeover, sometimes tears flow, is old wine in new bottles. But candidate Jasmin shot the bird during her makeover last week and not only pissed off Heidi Klum, in the end she was thrown out of the show. Officially, of course, being kicked out has nothing to do with Jasmin’s little rebellion. Now the 23-year-old from Düsseldorf has expressed herself – and is not aware of any guilt.

Heidi Klum had transformed Jasmine into a second Naomi Campell, whose short haircut wanted to make a long mane. For this, Jasmin was given an extremely long real hair wig up to her butt during the makeover. “I’ve never had my hair so extremely long,” Jasmin grumbled directly and was visibly dissatisfied with her new head of hair. Once Klum turned his back on her, she had a stylist shorten the wig. Klum didn’t find it funny at all, describing the behavior as “extremely disrespectful”. A little later, Jasmin flew out of the show. However, Klum emphasized: “This has nothing to do with her hair.” Although she found the action “quite sh *** to put it in German”.

Jasmine after GNTM-Aus: “Stepped on someone’s tie?”

Did Jasmin get herself kicked out with the brazen action? “In the end I didn’t deliver at the final walk,” she said to “”. “So now I’m not racking my brains about whether that was because of the wig.” It’s still funny that she was the only one who didn’t get a second chance. That’s why you ask yourself “whether you stepped on someone’s tie”.

When asked by Klum, Jasmine denied having ordered the stylist to shorten the wig. A brazen lie. In an interview, she now admitted that it was her idea. Almost 30 centimeters were cut off due to Jasmin’s arbitrary actions. Klum had the wig extended. The good piece is said to have cost 7000 euros. Jasmin doubts it: “I was told something different about the price on site.”

She doesn’t regret her actions. She believes that you should feel comfortable in your own skin. Still, she summed it up as well: “It was a lesson for me.” And: The end of GNTM should not also be the end of your desired model career. She said she wants to continue modeling.

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