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On Sunday the first light burns on the Advent wreath. Opinions often differ when it comes to the feelings surrounding the start of Christmas. For some, the Advent season begins far too early, others can hardly wait. This year could be different. Many pre-Christmas events were not allowed to take place in the usual framework in the past two years. So it is obvious that one or the other Advent muffle will be infected by the flashing and blinking. The first Christmas markets in the Five Lakes region open this weekend – the first carefree opportunity to get in the mood for Christmas in three years.

Starnberg Christmas market

Bark mulch already covers the pavement of the church square. A huge Christmas tree with a chain of lights sits enthroned in the middle. Stallholders sell their roasted almonds and handicrafts across the square. There has been a Christmas spirit in Starnberg since last Thursday. This year, the joy of celebrating is particularly great: for the first time, the Christmas market in the district town will take place over a period of eleven days – a full week longer than last. This year, more families have registered for the lantern parade than ever before, says Marie Babst from the city. Visitors can expect a wide range of handicrafts and musical performances – with barrel organ games, a big band performance and Christmas workshops for children.

The Starnberg Christmas market takes place from November 24th to December 4th. Opening hours and program below starnberg.de on the Internet.

Christmas market at Seefeld Castle

Hot crêpes are traditionally available at the Christmas market in the courtyard of Seefeld Castle.

(Photo: Franz Xaver Fuchs)

What environment would be better suited for a Christmas market than the old walls of Seefeld Castle? It was built over the past eight centuries and is partly reminiscent of a medieval castle. A lantern parade with children and the Christ Child opened the Seefeld Christmas market in the courtyard on Friday. In addition to different types of mulled wine, hearty lard bread and sausages, there are also Christmas cookies and other homemade delicacies.

“The Seefeld Christmas market is a club market,” says Tatjana Greisinger from the Seefeld shooting club. The income from the stands would end up directly in the association’s treasury and serve to promote young people. In Seefeld, people are therefore particularly pleased that the market is finally allowed to open again after a two-year Corona break. The Christmas market triggers a feeling of hope among the clubs that they can get something back on their feet.

The Seefeld Christmas market takes place on Friday, November 25 (4 p.m. to 8 p.m.), Saturday, November 26 (2 p.m. to 8 p.m.) and Sunday, November 27 (1 p.m. to 8 p.m.).

Andechs Christmas market

Advent: The living nativity scene is a regular attraction at the Andechs Christmas market.

The living crib is a regular attraction at the Andechs Christmas market.

(Photo: Franz Xaver Fuchs)

Ox, donkey and sheep. These animals should not be missing in a traditional Christmas crib. Below the pilgrimage church in Andechs, “Holy Night” is recreated in a more than 100-year-old barn. The special thing about it: It is a living nativity scene, consisting of Andechs citizens and real animals – a kind of small Oberammergau Passion Play.

The Andechs Christmas market takes place from Friday, December 2 to Sunday, December 4, from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Perg Advent market in Breitbrunn

Advent: Johannes von Perger presents his colorful range of mulled wine at the Breitbrunn Advent market.

Johannes von Perger presents his colorful range of mulled wine at the Breitbrunn Advent market.

(Photo: Nila Thiel)

If you are craving a diverse selection of mulled wine creations, the best thing to do is to go to the Perger Advent market in Breitbrunn. In addition to more conventional varieties, there are also creations such as the witch’s magic, enriched with chocolate and chili. The Perger Advent market is not just a taste experience. In the rustic hut landscape there is also an adventure farm with many animals, including unusual species such as Valais black-nosed sheep, white baroque donkeys and wallaby kangaroos.

The Perg Advent market will take place this Saturday (2pm-9pm) and Sunday (12pm-8pm).

Christmas market in Diessen

Advent season: what looks like an energy-saving version of the festive lighting has been a tradition in Dießen for years.

What looks like an energy-saving version of the festival lighting has been a tradition in Dießen for years.

(Photo: Clara Gensbaur-Shao/oh)

A Christmas market without electric lights: The energy-saving concept of the Dießen Christmas market has been around for many years. This year it suits the zeitgeist particularly well. And so, light strips made of candles will once again hang above the stands. There the visitors get to see the exclusively self-made goods of the 35 well-known and also new artists and craftsmen. Anyone who has had enough of strolling through the sea of ​​lights can flee to the top floor of the baroque Taubenturm, where visitors can warm up with a cup of tea and a piece of cake.

The Diessen Christmas market takes place on Saturday, December 3rd (12pm-8pm) and Sunday, December 4th (11am-6pm). This Saturday, November 26th, the Evangelical Advent market will take place on Jocherplatz.

Tutzing Advent Market

Advent: Ukrainian delicacies such as beetroot soup "borsch" there is on Saturday in Tutzing.

Ukrainian delicacies such as the beetroot soup “Borschtsch” are available in Tutzing on Saturday.

(Photo: Getty Images)

Sausages and gingerbread can be found in abundance at Christmas markets. Borscht and pampúshka, on the other hand, are not. On Saturday, Ukrainian women will run their own stand in Tutzing and offer culinary samples from their home country. In addition to a soup made from beetroot and white cabbage, there will also be pampúshka – small, savory or sweet yeast rolls. Around 200 Ukrainian refugees are currently living in Tutzing. With the Ukrainian stand, people from the war zones should be noticed more in Tutzing life, according to Gabriele Dannert from the Tutzing Ecumenical Supporters’ Group.

The Tutzing Advent market will take place this Saturday (1pm-8pm). At the same time, the charity Christmas market of the Lions Club at Midgardhaus will take place on both Saturday (2pm-7pm) and Sunday (12pm-6pm).

Seeneptun am Pilsensee

Advent season: The sea eptune of the water rescue service comes ashore to bring presents.

The sea eptune of the water rescue service comes ashore to give presents.

(Photo: Franz-Xaver Fuchs)

St. Nicholas does not come to Pilsensee, but Lake Neptune. Traditionally, a rescuer from the lifeguard disguises himself as Sea Neptune and climbs out of the water with a gold crown and trident – a spectacle for the children. This year, too, he will have his legendary “Neptunspackerl” filled with biscuits with him, says Susanne Breuer, chairwoman of the Pilsensee water rescue service. There is mulled wine for the adults.

The campaign will take place on Sunday, December 4th, from 5.30 p.m. at the Pilsensee water rescue station (Seefeld campsite).

Other markets in the region:

Herrsching (December 10-11), Inning (November 26-27), Utting (November 26-27), Wörthsee (December 3-4), Weßling (November 25-27), Unterbrunn (3-4 December), Gauting (25-27 November), Pöcking (26 November), Niederpöcking (26-27 November), Seeshaupt (27 November), Pentenried (26 November) , Krailling (December 3-4), Planegg (December 10-11).

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