Friedrich Merz in Israel: A foreign policy test

Opposition leader Friedrich Merz traveled to Israel for two days. In his talks with Prime Minister Netanyahu, he has to underscore German criticism of his judicial reform. About a delicate mission and a special visit to the troops.

Friedrich Merz comes, the rain goes. Anyway. Jerusalem in mid-March is not the best idea weather-wise: little sun, fairly fresh. And otherwise this trip falls into a dreary time. But difficult circumstances have rarely deterred Merz. After all, he made three attempts at the CDU presidency.

Merz is now opposition leader in the Bundestag and as such has now traveled to Israel for two days. The Union faction leader met President Yitzchak Herzog and representatives of civil society. He discussed with a school class and looked at a military base. Important and exciting dates, of course, but nothing that requires special concentration from the political professional Merz.

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