Fried fish in beer batter: How to prepare it vegan without losing its flavor

Fried fish in beer batter: The maritime classic rethought – this is how you prepare it purely vegetable

This is what fried fish looks like when Alexander Flohr recreates it with vegetables.

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Vegan fish – does that exist? When chef Alexander Flohr puts his hand to it, it succeeds. With his new book “Vegan Ocean” he shows how classic maritime cuisine can be easily “recreated” with plant-based ingredients.

Alexander Flohr grew up on the German coast – with seagulls screaming in his ears and the taste of fish on his tongue. The chef now lives in Berlin, but his love for maritime cuisine has remained. He only has one problem: Flohr has been vegan for years. Because he didn’t want to do without the taste of fish and sea creatures, he rolled up his sleeves and disappeared into the experimental kitchen for months. has arisen “Vegan Ocean”, a cookbook full of classics starring fish and sea creatures. However, with one crucial difference, all the recipes in the book are vegan. Flohr simply turned the animals into vegetables. Or better: the vegetables with the fish. He tells us how it’s done star-Interview.

Baked fish in beer batter – the classic in a bun

Preparation time: 15 minutes, plus 30 minutes cooking time, plus 2 hours rest time
Makes: 2 burgers


1⁄2 radish stick (300 g)
125 ml Pils
90 g wheat flour (Type 405) plus something for rolling
1⁄2 tsp smoked salt (alternatively sea salt)
2 sheets of nori
2 teaspoons fried fish seasoning
sunflower oil
4 vegan rolls (any kind)
1 tomato (150 g)
4 lettuce leaves (e.g. Lollo bionda)
120 g remoulade sauce

1. Peel the radish, cut into four fillets about 1.5 cm thick and simmer in plenty of salted water over medium heat for 30 minutes.
2. In the meantime, use a whisk to mix the beer, flour and smoked salt into a smooth batter.
3. After 30 minutes, take the fillets out of the water and let them drip off. Cut the nori sheets in half, place them on the work surface with the rough side facing up and pat dry with a damp cloth. Season the radish fillets on both sides with the fried fish seasoning, lay them crossways on the nori sheet and fold them in. Heat plenty of sunflower oil (at least 0.5 cm high) in a pan.
4. Put some flour on a plate and turn the fillets in it. When the oil is hot enough, pull the floured fillets through the batter, place in the oil and fry on both sides until crispy.
5. Halve the rolls, thinly slice the tomato and assemble the fried fish roll. Remoulade on top and lid on.

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