France Italy – The notes of the Blues: Maxime Lucu, Cameron Woki and Jonathan Danty symbols of the shipwreck

Once again François Cros survived in a Blues collective where there was no shortage of disappointments. Jalibert before his injury, Lucu, Woki and Danty are the biggest disappointments.

He was content to apply the plan to the letter at the start of the match, even if it meant letting go of the ball in situations that seemed to deserve better. His bad choice of 38e (skipped for Penaud) did not really bode well at the time of his appearance at the opening, and the expulsion of Danty obviously complicated his affairs in the animation of the game. On the other hand, it was he who persisted in holding the ball on the final possession of the match, exposing his team to a penalty that seemed inexorable…

Disappointing during his last two outings, the thoroughbred of the Blues had to wait until the 25the to touch his first ball, and was not successful. His kick to follow from 32e ended directly in touch, his deviation for Lebel judged forward (38e). However, if he could not do much to prevent Capuozzo’s try (70e), Penaud had the merit of ringing the revolt in his corridor, with two good outbursts. No follow-up…

Not much to report regarding the Racingman, apart from this lack of taste in supporting Jalibert (12e) which saw him hesitate to the point of forgetting to serve Damian Penaud, like this already failed situation against Ireland. For the rest, Fickou at least paid for himself in defense at 14 against 15 (8 successful tackles), despite a slight twist in the knee in the first period. But his match will obviously not go down in history…

Like the French three-quarter line, he started his match with a poor transmission for Mauvaka which annihilated a try situation (12e). Author of a good scratch in front of his goal line (17e), he unfortunately lacked control afterwards, forgetting to duck to tackle Brex, which earned him a very logical red card. In line, unfortunately, with his poor start to the season, and inevitably likely to compromise his future in blue…

11. Matthis Lebel 4.5/10

The context for his first start in the Tournament was not made to serve him, without the slightest training in the shoes of a holder, and after this improbable journey made the day before the match to compensate for the loss of Bielle-Biarrey… Suffice to say that his improvised passage to the back after the exit of Jalibert did not help him to evolve in serenity, and yet, he was the only French attacker to show a touch of spontaneity on his counter-attacks. Even if he also sometimes played with fire…

In the plus column, he performed the most frank action of the Blues in the 12the. But for the rest, the 33e Girondin’s selection was hell, started by a bad pass which placed Lebel under pressure, and ended before half-time with a knee injury, a consequence of the “preferential treatment” delivered by the Italians. Between the two ? A foot pass directly into touch at 25ea forward at 29e. Replaced from 37e by Yoram Moefanawho, forced to navigate between wing and center after the exclusion of Danty, logically lacked reference points and connection with his partners.

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Behind a pack that was nevertheless dominant, the UBB scrum half unfortunately gave the impression of sinning through eagerness and/or excitement, and to say the least very messy in the scoring zones where he often evolved on the edge of the fall… His speed, too, the fact of having often insisted on the reversal game rather than letting his forwards work in the axis. Unconvincing, to the point of giving up his place from 49e has Nolann Le Garrecwhich was directly signaled by… a direct clearance into touch, before alternating class gestures and questionable choices.

A big first tackle to warm up the shoulders and a good scrape during the following playing time (2e). The Toulouse player had a good first period, multiplying himself in all four corners of the pitch. Either by being the first support offensively, or by plugging gaps in defense. Penalized once (39e), for clearly illicit scraping.

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Promoted to captain, he was used in a role that suits him perfectly, notably as an offensive supplement offshore. He concludes the first test of the Blues (7e), by flattening before the line, but there was no valid reason for the VAR to invalidate the decision of the referee Mr. Ridley. Who will sanction him (55e), on a loss of support. Around ten tackles but also a feeling of a drop in pace and output quite quickly in the second half. Replaced by Esteban Abadie (65e).

A ball collection full of relevance (6e), which allows the Blues to advance in the axis. A good reception on a kick (10e) but also too much support to attempt the pass to Lebel who had the try ready (26e). His power was valuable, and his moving physique opened some gaps. Repositioned in the center of defense, after Danty’s red card, he suffered in his placement and in his defensive climbs, notably on Capuozzo’s try (72e). He finished as the best tackler (15).

It’s not just a powerful tractor. Three times at the start of the match (8e12e26e), Tuilagi demonstrated that he knew how to serve his partners on one step and set them apart. Then little by little, with confidence building over the course of the meeting, we found him in a role more in line with what we expected. Near the rucks, he tried to advance, even if once he was greedy (38e), by picking up a ball, which will have merited a pass to mark out better-placed Mauvaka. He was replaced by Romain Taofifenua (49e), who recovered a penalty on his first scratched ball.

Posolo Tuilagi (XV of France), against Italy.
Olympic noon. – Patrick Derewiany.

The Racingman announced a lot for his apple in touch in the first half, but he ensured by recovering all of Mauvaka’s throws. It also complicated those of the Italians. We would like to see him more present with races with balls in hand, and he clearly disappointed once again in this sector. Replaced by Alexandre Roumat (49e), which was more active but not more effective in finding intervals.

He was not for nothing in the progress in closed scrums of the Blues. But he was not involved enough in the attacks or in the advancing groups. Nine balls hit is not enough. Replaced by Dorian Aldegheri (49e) sanctioned ten minutes later for not having pushed straight.

A good connection with Woki in touch on the timing of jumps (3e4e). But also not enough activity, percussion or defense. Mauvaka seemed to be running out of gas and wasn’t winning enough duels… Replaced by Julien Marchand (49e), which brought a real surplus of dynamism.

Penalized for having kept a ball on the ground on the first action (1e), two ball losses on contact (5e10e) at its flow rate. He clearly gained the upper hand over his opponent in a closed scrum, clearly making him suffer. Replaced by Sébastien Taofifenua (48e).

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