Formula 1: Dr. Marko announces it himself – the decision has been made at Red Bull

On Friday evening (March 8th) there was suddenly a lot of excitement in Formula 1: Dr. Helmut Marko could leave Red Bull this weekend, it was said. And the brewery racing team’s chief advisor didn’t exactly calm the situation with his statements.

A conversation with Red Bull CEO Oliver Mintzlaff has now apparently provided clarity. Dr. Helmut Marko will remain with the Formula 1 team and will continue his work. The 80-year-old announced this himself before the race.

Formula 1: Dr. Helmut Marko stays

Formula 1 looked forward to the conversation between the Red Bull greats on Saturday (March 9th) with great excitement. A few hours before the race, Dr. Helmut Marko now announced the decision: “It was a very good conversation. Of course, calm has to return to the team. That is a priority. We agreed on all points. I’ll continue here,” he said on Sky and emphasized: “The term of my contract is still three years. But as I said: There has to be calm.”

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Red Bull has been investigating team boss Christian Horner for weeks. An employee accused him of “inappropriate behavior.” The company launched an independent investigation and, after reviewing the report, decided not to throw the 50-year-old out.

Dr. Marko denies allegations

Just one day after the decision, alleged chat histories between the employee and Horner were leaked. According to rumors, it should also include Dr. Marko may have been involved. He now vehemently defended himself against this: “The leaking is complete nonsense. I’m glad that I can use my cell phone to some extent. I’ve never seen any of these chats.”

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Dr. received support. Marko shortly after the separation rumors from Max Verstappen. He basically made it clear that his future would be in jeopardy if the 80-year-old had to leave (more on that here!). A great gesture, says Dr. Marko: “It was very impressive. I am also very grateful to him. But he is one of the few who has strength of character and loyalty.”

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