For Annecy to stay in Ligue 2, Sochaux must not go down to N3 – Ligue 2 – Annecy

Suffice to say that the sportsman is at 56e plan right now.

Relegated to National 1 after the victory granted on green carpet in Rodez against Bordeaux, Annecy already sees itself in Ligue 2 since the demotion of Sochaux to N1. The Haut-Savoyards had also almost celebrated the first decision of the DNCG to downgrade the Doubistes and had declared themselves in Ligue 2 in a surreal press release. Now, as reported The TeamAnnecy must hope that the Cubs do not file for bankruptcy, which seems to be off to a bad start.

For what ? For regulatory details. Today, if we count Annecy and Sochaux in N1, this means that there are 19 teams in Ligue 2 and 19 clubs in the division just below. However, 19 formations in N1, it is not practical, and Annecy could therefore be drafted, to make 20 clubs in L2 and 18 clubs in N1. However, if Sochaux is further downgraded to N3, the N1 would be made up of 18 teams, including Annecy, which is no problem. And the texts stipulate that if there is no problem in N1, then no repechage is possible. Especially since the abolition of repechages in order to anticipate the reduction in the number of clubs» was voted on during the vote to increase Ligue 2 to 18 clubs for the 2024-2025 season.

We will quickly return to Annecy.

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