Federal Environment Minister Lemke brings speed limits into play

Status: 05/05/2023 03:53

Federal Environment Minister Lemke has campaigned for a speed limit on German autobahns. Despite advances in electric mobility, this is an important step for climate protection.

Federal Environment Minister Steffi Lemke is calling for more efforts to be made to protect the climate in traffic – and is bringing a speed limit on motorways into play.

The Greens politician said the federal government had set ambitious goals for the expansion of electromobility. “But that alone will not be enough to achieve the climate goals in transport. And if a climate protection measure cannot be implemented quickly enough, then that inevitably increases the pressure on others. The climate crisis will not allow itself to be negotiated.”

According to a new study, a speed limit is an important building block for meeting climate targets

FDP rejects general speed limit

According to Lemke, a speed limit could make a significant contribution to climate protection. However, for well-known reasons, it is not part of the coalition agreement.

Above all, the coalition partner FDP rejects a general speed limit on German autobahns.

Lemke also emphasized that the individual sectors remain responsible for climate protection. “Transport must also achieve the climate protection goals, just like all other sectors.” The heads of the traffic light coalition had agreed on a reform of the climate protection law.

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