FC Nantes – Bordeaux: “How can we explode like that?” The Girondins collapse and almost say goodbye to maintenance

At the Beaujoire stadium,

“I really feel like I’m repeating myself and experiencing the same feelings every time.” Looking crestfallen, David Guion is trying to find the explanations for the knockdown that his team has just suffered. The Girondins de Bordeaux coach blames the blow. Six goals conceded in Lyon a week ago, two against Saint-Etienne and five in Nantes… The Bordelais have conceded a total of thirteen goals in one week. This already makes the Girondins the worst defense in the history of the L1 in the 21st century with 84 goals conceded, while waiting to do even better (worse) over the four remaining days.

The Girondins had however taken the match by the good end against the Nantes rival, by leading 2-0 at the break. Then Guilavogui and his family experienced a sort of total blackout as soon as they returned from the locker room. “At half-time, we all agreed to pay attention to the start of the second period of Nantes. I wrote it roughly on the board: keep the ball, ”explains David Guion.

“We must not veil our faces”

But nothing to do. The Bordeaux players completely lost their football in a few minutes, leaving Nantes to come back to 2-2 from the 51st minute. “We don’t know how to hold a result at the moment,” repeats David Guion. “It is very difficult to admit, to conceive. Again, it happens, but I see that players are not able to fix this problem. How can we all of a sudden be so ineffective defensively. How, in the 2nd half, can we give them so many cartridges? We had our chance and we didn’t know how to take it. “The Nantes, themselves, were not asked to punish their rival. To the dismay of the few hundred Bordeaux supporters who came to make the trip to La Beaujoire.

An observation shared by Benoit Costil, holder in the cages and totally helpless in the face of the defensive laxity of his team. “We had a good first half. Behind it shattered very quickly. “Four days before the end of the season, are the Girondins able to recover from such a scenario? “It’s a duty”, first launches the goalkeeper, before continuing: “We know that it will be very difficult, We must not hide in the face. We are behind, our dynamic is difficult. Mathematically, it’s not done yet but there is urgency. How can you explode like that by taking five goals in one half? I don’t even have the explanations…”

Bordeaux in the red

To darken this already very bleak Bordeaux table, the team had the opportunity to come back to 4-4 a few minutes from the end. Jimmy Briand took charge of a penalty obtained, but Lafont saved the striker’s shot. To believe that nothing could go in the direction of the Girondins at Beaujoire. “Maybe that’s what we deserve. Luck, it provokes itself. We don’t have that, it’s because we don’t do enough. The Girondins de Bordeaux are still sailing four points behind Saint-Etienne, the roadblocker. It’s starting to smell strongly of the L2, anyway.

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