FC Bayern in the DFB Cup in Münster: Tuchel invents a world first – sport

The dutiful Munich team won 4-0 against third division team SC Preußen Münster. Thomas Tuchel caused a surprise by sending a team onto the pitch without a central defender – and Serge Gnabry broke his arm.

Like Deutsche Bahn trains, major football games are increasingly affected by delays and waiting times. Before the first round cup game between Preußen Münster and FC Bayern could begin, the clouds that the fireworks had caused in the home fans had to clear. “Please urgently refrain from burning pyrotechnic objects,” pleaded the stadium announcer – “Happy New Year!”, wished the curve and ignited even more. The Prussian fans were probably aware that when they met the big Bavarians, the foreplay would be more enjoyable than the main thing.

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