Fashion trends: Here’s what 2022 has in store

fashion trends
That has the year 2022 ready

The new trend color “Very Peri” and figure-hugging cuts make you want more.

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After two years, which were dominated by cozy styles due to the corona pandemic, elegance and extravagance are getting a new chance.

After 2020, the Corona year 2021 has also changed the fashion world. Comfort and cozy styles set the tone on the catwalks and streets. But the longing for a touch of extravagance is great and in 2022 it will open the door to more than unusual looks.

Trend color 2022: Gently into spring with “Very Peri”.

Let’s take it easy for now. After the color institute Pantone predicted that yellow and gray tones would dominate in 2021 with “Illuminating” and “Ultimate Gray”, the color of the year 2022 is much softer. “Very Peri”, a shade of blue with a reddish-violet nuance, shouldn’t really be new to fashionistas. Hollywood star Jennifer Lawrence (31) wore a lilac-blue robe in 2013 for the premiere of “The Hunger Games – Catching Fire”.

“Very Peri” offers all the qualities of blue tones plus a reddish-purple nuance, displaying a vibrant, joyful outlook on the world and dynamic presence that inspires bold creativity and imaginative expression, enthuses Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute the color of the year 2022.

The nice thing: Unlike the garish yellow tone “Illuminating”, “Very Peri” can be combined without much effort, for example with neutral nuances such as beige or cream. This makes the purple tone a perfect companion for spring.

High glamor factor with pearls and glitter

If that’s not enough, you can look forward to lots of glitter and pearls. On the catwalks in Paris and Milan, the designers didn’t skimp on the glamor factor for their spring collections. Influencer Leonie Hanne (33) was also inspired by it. showed on Instagram she wore a white Prada outfit with transparent rhinestone trousers and a matching handbag.

Corset comeback: It is figure-hugging

It remains seductive. In the fashion year 2022, lingerie will not only make it under clothing. More and more fashion houses rely on visible elements. Either the bustier, corset or brassiere flash stylishly or are even completely integrated into the design. Fashion houses like Prada, Miu Miu and Givenchy have been inspired by the Victorian era for their spring collections and brought the corset classic back to life.

Trouser boots replace overknees

Anyone who is a fan of overknee boots will love trouser boots. The innovative piece of clothing has been present at least since the memorable appearance of Kim Kardashian (41) at the Met Gala. Usually known for revealing outfits, the reality star slipped into a full body suit by Balenciaga, which revealed not an inch of skin – not even the face. Well, women don’t have to go that far, the combination of shoes and trousers always requires courage.


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