Fans forced to leave Qatar 48 hours after the elimination of their team?

Who says elimination of your team, says end of the World Cup for you? This is what Qatar seems to estimate. “We will have to leave the COUNTRY WITHIN 48 hours if our team is eliminated,” says a user. According to him, the information comes to him from a “CDM travel meeting in Qatar with the French Ultra”. Which would mean that as soon as the Blues fail (as late as possible, we hope), all the French supporters present in Qatar should take the plane back.

The information has been shared since the spring on social networks – Screenshot

What if they wanted to support other teams? If they wanted to attend more games for the love of football? Seeing some great players perform for the last time in a world? Out of the question. The organization of the competition was already strongly criticized, and this information did not calm the tensions. “I don’t think anyone realizes the fiasco that is coming,” says a user. 20 minutes takes stock of this assertion.


What about booking hotels and plane tickets in advance? And how to judge which team each supports? On the criterion of nationality, which for some is not necessarily valid? The news seems strange. But with this World Cup, nothing seems surprising anymore.

However, no official site mentions this rule. “It’s information that we had in April”, affirms to 20 minutes the association of supporters of the French team, Irresistible French. Like several other associations which had heard about it in the spring. “But it is false,” she continues.

Indeed, to be authorized to stay in Qatar you must submit to several rules. “Whatever the reason for the stay, from November 1 and until December 23, 2022, only visitors holding a ticket for a match of the 2022 FIFA World Cup and accommodation covering the duration of their stay in Qatar will be authorized to enter the territory”, it is specified on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Also, match ticket holders who do not reside in Qatar can apply to bring three additional people who do not have a match ticket, subject to payment. And from December 2, the Qatari authorities announced that “fans without a match ticket will be able to obtain a Hayya card and enter Qatar”. This Hayya Card is the famous “fan id” mentioned by the supporters’ association, and is therefore the essential element to be able to go to the territory.

“International fans can use the printed or digital entry permit to re-enter Qatar as long as their Hayya card status remains approved and valid until December 23, 2022,” the official website of Qatar said. information about this entry sesame. “The fan id is valid until January 2023. No obligation to return if you have good accommodation etc”, concluded the association French irresistibles.

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