faced with the “bargaining” between the government and LR, the concern of field associations – Liberation

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The bill, repeatedly rejected, should be presented in the fall. The very repressive demands of the Les Républicains deputies, essential for the adoption of the text, make the associative actors fear legislation among the toughest ever voted under the Fifth Republic.

After retirement, place for immigration. By taking the floor in a great interview given to Parisian this week-end, the Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, paves the way for a new sequence. The immigration bill, the examination of which has been postponed several times but which remains strongly desired by the resident of Beauvau, must be presented again in the fall to the Senate and then to the National Assembly. Even before knowing the broad outlines, the government must now prepare for the future vote and find “compromise” with LR deputies on key measures, with the aim of avoiding the hypothesis of a new 49.3.

The tenors on the right, Eric Ciotti in the lead, have already formulated proposals last week: in particular, enshrining in the Constitution the possibility of derogating from the treaties and European law on immigration, abolishing state medical aid and excluding of the text the regularization of undocumented workers in shortage occupations. Measures, judged “very hard” by the observers, who would automatically place the text at the top of

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