Everything you need to know about the “premeditated” murder of a young French woman, found stabbed in an abandoned church

Last Friday, the body of a young 22-year-old hiker was found in the ruins of an abandoned church in the forest, near a village in Italy. Companion sought then arrested in Lyon, investigation opened for “assassination”… 20 minutes takes stock of this matter.

What happened ?

On April 5, a person walking in the forest near the village of La Salle, in the Aosta Valley, Italy, discovered the body of a young woman with several stab wounds. According to his testimony, the victim, who was wearing leggings and a sweatshirt, was curled up on himself.

Forensic police noted traces on the ground, suggesting that the body had been moved and dragged to the location where it was discovered. The Val d’Aosta prosecutor clarified at a press conference on Thursday that the murderer had placed a stone near the body to prevent it from falling and thus give the impression that the victim was sleeping.

According to investigators, the death of the young woman dates back to March 26 or 27. The murder weapon was not found, nor the victim’s phone.

Who is the victim ?

Her name was Auriane, she was 22 years old and came from Saint-Priest, a town near Lyon. Her parents officially identified her shortly after her body was discovered.

According to information from the Italian police, she was in a relationship with Teima, 21, the main suspect in her murder. They both left France on March 25, one or two days before Auriane’s violent death. According to Italian investigators, the couple “regularly” visited Italy.

They crossed the border through the Mont-Blanc tunnel, retraces Progress. This information is precise because Teima was under judicial control. His girlfriend had filed a complaint against him for “domestic violence”. He was to be tried on May 3 before the Grenoble criminal court and was prohibited from having contact with the victim.

Who is the main suspect?

The main suspect in this case is Auriane’s companion, Teima. He is of Italian nationality and is 21 years old. According to his lawyer, questioned by the local newspaper, the young man came to France to study. He worked in catering to pay for his studies and does not have “the profile of a delinquent”. Despite the complaint filed against him, he was not the subject of any conviction and his record was clean.

He was nevertheless wanted since the date of his crossing the border for the violation of his judicial control, on January 13, “following his referral for domestic violence and threats so that the victim retracts her complaint”. He was arrested Wednesday evening in Lyon by the anti-crime brigade thanks to the marking of his phone. The latter was placed “under extradition arrest” pending a hearing before the investigating chamber scheduled for next Thursday, as part of a procedure for his surrender to Italy.

Where is the investigation?

Two separate procedures concern the young Italian. First, that of domestic violence. He was presented to a judge of freedoms and detention of the Grenoble judicial court for the violation of his judicial control and was placed in pre-trial detention pending his judgment on May 3.

In the case of the discovery of Auriane’s body, Italian justice opened an investigation into premeditated murder. During a press conference on Thursday, the prosecutor said: “This is a classic femicide which was motivated by a motive of possessiveness and control over the victim and not of jealousy or passion. » According to Italian investigators, the suspect wanted to take his victim to this abandoned church with “the specific aim of killing her”.

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