EU foreign policy chief questions US arms sales to Israel

As of: February 12, 2024 7:20 p.m

The USA is the most important arms supplier to Israel. EU foreign policy chief Borrell has now indirectly called on the US government to deliver fewer weapons. At the same time, he sharply criticized Israel’s head of government.

“If you think that too many people are being killed, perhaps you should deliver fewer weapons to prevent so many people from being killed” – with these words, EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell indirectly called on the USA to stop supplying weapons to Israel. In Brussels, he referred to US President Joe Biden’s statement last week that the Israeli reaction to the Hamas attack was excessive.

USA most important Weapons supplier

“If the international community is of the opinion that this is a massacre, that too many people are being killed, then perhaps we have to think about providing weapons,” Borrell continued.

Israel itself states that measures are in place to protect civilians in Gaza. At the same time, however, the military is forced to advance into civilian areas where Hamas is operating.

The United States is Israel’s main arms supplier, providing weapons worth $3.8 billion annually. So far, the administration in Washington has not responded to calls to reduce this aid.

Borrell sharply criticizes Netanyahu

Borrell also referred to the decision of a court in the Netherlands that stopped the export of parts for the F-35 fighter jet to Israel. The court justified this with concerns that the fighter jets equipped with them could be used in the Gaza war in violation of international law. It is contradictory when states repeatedly declare that too many people are being killed in Gaza, but at the same time do nothing about it.

Borrell criticized Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for not doing enough to protect civilians. “Everyone goes to Tel Aviv and begs to spare civilians, not to kill so many people,” said Borrell, visibly annoyed. “How many is too many? What is the bar? Netanyahu no longer listens to anyone.” He did announce an evacuation of Rafah. “Where? To the moon? Where do you want to bring these people to safety?” asked Borrell.

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