EU Commission takes action against Meta for violations of the Digital Service Act – Business

The EU Commission’s proceedings against Tiktok, X and Meta show that it will take some time before the companies adhere to the rules. But unfortunately the EU doesn’t have time right now.

Facebook is a battleground in the war for information sovereignty. Russia in particular is fighting hard here. Thousands of Facebook accounts, presumably controlled from Russia, have placed advertisements about farmers’ protests or military aid for Ukraine. The goal is clear: to sow discord and undermine the support of countries like Germany and France for Ukraine. According to the organization AIForensics Since August 2023 alone, more than 38 million Facebook users have seen such ads. The fact that this campaign, called “Doppelgänger”, is still running so successfully is also surprising because Facebook has known about it since 2022 – and, according to its own statement, had already taken care of it.

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