Equities – Uncertainty characterizes stock trading – economy

The fear of an energy crisis unsettles investors, and prices sometimes fluctuate significantly. In addition, the accounting season continues to pick up speed, with thoroughly mixed results.

At midweek, investors were cautious about European equities. Of the dax was slightly higher at 13,794 points at the close of trading. Trading was characterized by sometimes strong price fluctuations, and there is still a great deal of uncertainty. Investors are concerned that Russia is no longer supplying gas to Poland and Bulgaria, fueling fears of an energy crisis.

Several companies presented their quarterly reports in the Dax. Symrise shares were among the favorites with a plus of 5.7 percent. The flavor manufacturer recorded a strong increase in sales at the start of the year, benefiting from high demand and positive currency effects. Investors also grabbed shares of Qiagen after the diagnostics group was more confident about 2022 after a strong start to the year. Qiagen shares rose 3.5 percent. On the other hand, the joy of an increase in profits at Deutsche Bank quickly evaporated in view of the surprisingly high costs. The shares of the money house lost 5.6 percent at the end of the Dax. The papers of the fund subsidiary DWS fell by 2.5 percent in the S-Dax. The analysts complained that their balance sheet was only mixed overall. In contrast, the Commerzbank title in the M-Dax gained 1.3 percent. “Brilliant figures for sales and operating profit,” said a dealer.

Also in the second row, Bechtle shares rose in price by 1.2 percent. The IT system house earned almost a fifth more in the first quarter. Meanwhile, the shares of the Adler Group slipped 15.1 percent and were by far the weakest S-Dax value. Since the publication of the KPMG audit report on Friday, the titles have lost a good 30 percent of their value.

It was on Wall Street Dow Jones up 0.2 percent at the close. The eyes of US investors are directed here at the quarterly figures of the large technology groups. While Microsoft continued to benefit from the trend towards mobile working at the start of the year, Google’s parent company Alphabet felt the reluctance of advertisers in the middle of the global economic slowdown. Alphabet stock fell 3.7 percent while Microsoft stock rose 4.8 percent.

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