Environmental activists “deflators” attack 65 commercial vehicles

SUVs in the crosshairs. An environmental collective called “Stop SUV Lille” claims this Tuesday morning, a militant action, near Lille, in the North, towards the owners of these large cars which have become fashionable for a few years. In a press release, the activists announce that they have deflated, overnight from Monday to Tuesday, the tires of 65 SUVs “in the upscale district of Lambersart” to put them “out of harm’s way”.

The method is simple. “Using beans, they blocked the valves of the wheels which thus emptied of their air”, says the collective which warned the drivers by a leaflet to avoid putting them in danger by taking the road. with a deflated tire.

Objective: to reduce sales.

The activists put the problem flat by estimating that these vehicles are “more energy-consuming” and “represent the second cause of the increase in greenhouse gas emissions in France, behind the increase in air traffic”. Objective of this action: to reduce sales. According to them, “local authorities, such as the city of Lille and the metropolis of Lille, must make strong political choices in favor of the climate and constrain the use of these polluting vehicles”.

This kind of action is not new. In 2006, the Solid’air collective had already organized this type of action in Gironde. The eight members, indicted for “voluntary damage in a meeting”, had been ordered to pay 1,500 euros in damages to the owners of the vehicles, according to Actu.fr. This type of action can be considered as “the destruction, degradation or deterioration of property belonging to others”, an act punishable by law.

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