Elisabeth Borne promises “massive means to protect the French” and announces the ban on the sale, port and transport of firework mortars

“Only the professionals, who will organize the fireworks in the municipalities, will be able to buy them”, specified the Prime Minister in the columns of the “Parisien”.



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The Prime Minister, Elisabeth Borne, on July 6, 2023 in Lisieux (Calvados).  (LOU BENOIST / AFP)

The Prime Minister, Elisabeth Borne, promised, in an interview with Parisian put online on Saturday July 8, “massive means to protect the French” during the weekend of July 14. The sale of fireworks mortars will be prohibited, in order to prevent further violence after those which followed the death of Nahel, killed by a police officer in Nanterre (Hauts-de-Seine).

A decree published on Sunday will prohibit the “sale”, THE “port” and the “transport of fireworks mortars”, she announces, specifying that “only professionals, who will organize the fireworks in the municipalities, will be able to buy them”.

No “generalized blackout”

Elisabeth Borne also assured that the emergency bill to help rebuild buildings or businesses destroyed during the riots will be presented. “at the next Council of Ministers” in order to have it voted on before the suspension of the work of the Assembly and the Senate this summer. The government will also, for individuals whose cars burned during the riots, “activate the guarantee fund for victims to allow them to be compensated”.

On possible possible sanctions for the families of young perpetrators of violence, the head of government warns that “if the existing legal framework is not sufficient, then, if necessary, we will change the law”. The government is considering in this case a specific fine for minors, on the model of the fixed fine for adults when they commit such acts. “It’s fast and efficient”according to Ms Borne.

On the other hand, the Prime Minister ensures that the government “obviously will not deprive the French of the internet because there is violence”. The government plans to “suspend functionality”such as geolocation, on social networks in the event of new riots, but does not intend to carry out a “widespread blackout” platforms, had indicated the executive after presidential remarks which had caused controversy.

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