Elisabeth Borne announces a “fuel allowance” of 100 euros to the 10 million most modest workers

Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne announced, Wednesday, December 7, the payment in 2023 of a “fuel allowance” of 100 euros for “the modest French who need their car to go to work”.

This aid concerns “the first five deciles” that is “about half of the households”, underlined the Prime Minister on RTL. The people concerned will have to go to the tax site to request this aid, fill in their license plate and provide a sworn statement attesting that they need their car to get to their place of work.

The cost of this measure for public finances will amount to around one billion euros, said Elisabeth Borne.

This targeted and punctual aid will follow the delivery at the pump, reduced from 30 to 10 euro cents per liter in mid-Novemberand doomed to disappear at the end of the year.

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