Drummer Terri Lyne is revolutionizing jazz culture


Andrian Kreye

One can of course wonder what the publication of a collection of sheet music in Boston has to do with feminism, AI and the so-called “data bias”. This is what is called distortions in the data sets of artificial intelligence, which can cement social imbalances such as discrimination against women. The subject is a monster of computer science and sociology. But precisely because the drummer Terri Lyne Carrington with their Institute of Jazz and Gender Justice at the Berklee College of Music wants to tackle an injustice in modern jazz that has hardened over the decades, her collection of sheet music “New Standards – 101 Lead Sheets by Women Composers” (Berklee Press, 168 pages, around 30 euros in Germany) could become a A prime example of how difficult it is to break up encrusted structures. Whether in society or in machines.

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