Donald Trump boasts about his “honesty” at Piers Morgan and has nothing else to say

Appearance on TV
Donald Trump boasts of his “honesty” and has nothing else to say

Piers Morgan and Donald Trump (left): two friends on TV

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British reporter Piers Morgan has been announcing his “explosive” interview with his buddy Donald Trump for days. He even staged a fight for it. Now you can see the first part. And the ex-US President is actually angry.

Piers Morgan already knows how to bang the drum for maximum effect. For days, the busy reporter has been feeding the interested audience with pretty tidbits from Donald Trump’s mouth. At the weekend, for example, an excerpt of what he calls “the most explosive interview of the year” was published. In it, the former US President primarily blasphemes about Prince Harry and his wife Meghan (“It will end badly.”), Above all, the clip served as an aperitif for the whole conversation, the first part of which has now been broadcast.

Opening party with Donald Trump

Trump as a guest on the brand-new “Piers Morgan Uncensored” show was the bang for the start of the British channel TalkTV, which was also brand-new. Incidentally, both men have been friends for many years. But because none of that seemed exciting enough, the tabloid Morgan edited the announcement clip as if the ex-president had left the show in an argument. Of course it didn’t exist like that, the moderator wanted to make things a little more “exciting”, as he now lost Sean Hannity. Also a TV man and also a Trump buddy.

“I edited the announcement clip exactly as he would have done,” Morgan said. “We met on ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ and that’s how he treated me every night.” The British reporter and then TV star Donald Trump hosted the reality show together in 2008 and have been on you and you ever since. The buddy apparently disliked the latest action. “Piers Morgan, like the rest of the fake news media, attempted to edit his long and drawn out interview unlawfully and in a deceptive manner. He wanted to make it appear as if I left the interview because I exceeded the 20 minute time limit minutes by more than an hour,” Trump said in a bilious statement.

So much for public meta-media criticism. In the interview itself, the second part of which will be broadcast on Tuesday evening, there is no mention of Zoff. Although the two do clash. In addition to Trump’s blasphemous attacks against Harry and Meghan, who live in exile in California, the past US election was of course still an issue. When moderator Morgan pointed out to his friend that he should finally acknowledge that he had lost a “fair and free election,” Trump spat back: “Then you don’t know the facts and you’re a fool.” Elsewhere, but on a related topic, the ex-president rose in the usual manner over his interlocutor: “I’m a very honest person, much more honest than you.”

Everyone involved should be happy

So the “hottest interview of the year” doesn’t seem to have much more to offer than Trump’s bizarre parallel worlds. But the performance should still have been worthwhile for everyone involved. Rupert Murdoch, TalkTV owner and far-right media mogul, has gotten the attention he wanted. He wants to turn his channel into a kind of British Fox News. Piers Morgan once again has a platform for self-proclaimed free speech saviors to cancel the culture. And while Donald Trump has nothing original or new to say, at least he was able to do so publicly once again.

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