Dog learns sign language |

Watch the video: Deaf dog learns sign language.

This deaf dog learned sign language to communicate with his owner.

Little did she know when she bought Rafa from a local breeder that her four-legged friend is deaf

It wasn’t until he didn’t respond to noises like the fire alarm that she realized her pet couldn’t hear.

Ever since owner Jo Le found out about it, she’s been training him to respond to sign language.

And with success.

The seven-month-old dog has now mastered nine different commands.

“He can even pick up toys off the ground if I give him the command with my hand.” – Jo Le vs. SWNS

His disability does not limit Rafa and he is eager to learn more and more new commands.

At a local dog competition, Rafa even won first place at just five months old.

The dog has even started training as a therapy dog.

“He might actually become one of the first deaf therapy dogs.” – Jo Le vs. SWNS

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