Disturbing disappearance of Lina in Bas-Rhin: “She was cold, Tao too, maybe they had an argument”, a friend recounts a lunch a few days before September 23

Lina disappeared on September 23. A few days earlier, she had lunch with her boyfriend Tao and her friend Sarah in Strasbourg. The latter testifies.

West Lina ? The 15-year-old girl vanished into thin air this Saturday, September 23 in Plain, in Bas-Rhin. According to the Schirmeck gendarmerie brigade, the young girl left her home on foot around 11:15 a.m. to reach the Saint-Blaise-La-Roche station, located approximately 3 kilometers from her home. There, she had to take the train to join her boyfriend at Strabourg. But she never made it to the station. Indeed, according to the Saverne public prosecutor’s office, the young girl would not even be “didn’t get on a train”.

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“Tao treated her like a princess”

This Wednesday morning, our colleagues from BFM TV are broadcasting the testimony of Sarah, a friend of Lina, whom she knew at college. A few days before her disappearance, the two friends had lunch together in Strasbourg, Lina’s boyfriend Tao was also present. “She was good but at the time, at the end, she didn’t say ‘Hi!’ as usual. She was cold, and Tao was cold too. Maybe they had a fight.”.

But for Sarah, “Tao treated her like a princess. He took care of her, they went to restaurants, all that. He was really super nice to her”.

According to another testimony, Lina was seen in a car on the day of her disappearance. But according to her friend, “even if he suggests going to Strasbourg, that it might suit her or whatever, she would rather take the train than ride with someone she doesn’t know because she knows the risks “.

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